Chapter 16: Colours

Featuring work by: McKenzie Richardson

Ghosts and Memories | McKenzie Richardson

Stopped at a red light
watching yellow leaves flutter to the ground,
like spring butterflies drinking dew
on just-bloomed violets.
The leaves land in fresh puddles
from newly fallen rain
in the season of beautiful decay-
when the trees sacrifice their orange coverings
in order to stay alive,
survive another winter.
I sit here
with the ghosts and the memories
lost in the past of today.
Maybe it’s time
to put these memories to rest,
tucked up in graves of indigo and blue,
allow the guilt to die
and let go.
As I watch the leaves fall,
another year passes.
The light turns green
and I move on.

* * *

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Her short stories have been published in the anthologies, Mutate, Electromagnetism, and It’s Behind You. Her work has also been featured in Flash Fiction Magazine, Whispers and Echoes, Winter Wishes, and Love Letters to Gaia.

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She also runs a crafting website at

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