Outcast and Other Words

“Outcast and Other Words” is an online community anthology of poetry and short fiction written in response to a year’s worth of weekly writing prompts.  It’s a celebration of words, of creative writing and inspiration.

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About the Weekend Writing Prompt

For the first year, the Weekend Writing Prompt consisted of a word prompt and a photo prompt.  They could be used independently or together, in any way the writer wished.  Accompanying each weekend’s prompt was a poetry challenge and a prose challenge.  Some weeks they were related; other weeks they were not.  Taking either (or both) of the challenges was optional.

The writing prompts have not been reproduced here.  We are celebrating the pieces written in response to them rather than the prompts themselves, but should you wish to use them, they can be found here.

A Note on Copyright

Copyright belongs to the author each piece is accredited to.  Each piece included in this anthology is done so with the permission of the author.